Touch screen that can link to most of the PLCs in the market
Two different brand of PLC can link to one touch screen without having to developing PLC protocol.

5.7  TFT Color

5.7  Mono
Realtime Clock

7.7 STN Color

10.4  TFT Color

12.1  TFT Color

Connect to PLC & temperature controller simultaneous

Connect up to max 31 unit temperature is possible without connecting to PLC






Industrial IPC
Pentium 4
Pentium MMX

FieldBus Components

Twincat Software
Logic Design
PTP Control
NC Control 


Embedded PC,
Compact Din Rail Mount
Pentium M , MMX

Industrial Panel Pc &
 LCD Panel (5-19")




Protocol Conversion
Convert Numerous
Protocol Simultaneous
Extensive Built-in PLC Drivers




 Array Micro PLC




This PLC training kit come with Ethernet Port,
16 point Digital input and output
4 Channel analog Input and 2 Channel Analog Output.
4-mm socket for connection to external devices such as sensor,
push button, relays, solenoid valves, buzzer, lamps etc.
Suitable for Vocational School, Technical Institute and Advanced Skill
Training Centre.
Remark: customised training kit is available on request.


Small PLC Training Kit

This PLC consists of 40 I/O,
24 Digital Input,
16 Digital Output.
Built-in 24VDC power supply
short circuit protect.
High speed counter input up to 1kHz.
4mm socket for connection to external devices.
Silk screen label at front panel

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